Growth: review of a cozy and stimulating game

Growth review cover

Growth is a strategy game developed by VoodooDuck and published by Assemble Entertainment. The aim of this cozy and relaxing game is to explore the world by utilizing unique abilities of animals. The game was released on October 16th on Steam and GOG. We had the opportunity to review Steam version.

A cozy procedurally generated world

In Growth we have to explore a hex grid world using animals. There are different biomes in the world such as forests, lakes, mountains and meadows. And each biome has unique animals, for example in the forests there are deers and boars.

Our task is to move animals to discover new areas with new biomes and animals, while expanding each biome the animal population growth. To end each game, it will be necessary to find out the location of the volcano in order to quell it.

growth screenshot 2

Each time we move an animal to explore new tiles, we consume it, so we have to choose wisely where we send our creatures to maximise the effectiveness of our moves. The game will end if we exhaust all animals before reaching the volcano. Upon completing achievements, new points of interest will be randomly added to future maps at the end of each run.

Whenever we find a point of interest on the map, we receive a reward like additional animals or unique animals. These special animals, like eagles and bats, can help us uncover hidden tiles or obstacles on the map.

Growth: strategy and relax

Growth necessitates a combination of strategy and courage as it is not always feasible to meticulously plan each step to expand with minimal resources. Occasionally, it’s necessary to take risks by venturing into uncharted territories.

Game is highly replayable as each map is generated randomly and new points of interest are gradually unlocked, adding variety.

Growth screenshot 1

The title is both relaxing and stimulating, featuring a simple yet well-executed graphic style. Despite its distinct gameplay and visuals, Growth evokes a similar sense of coziness to that of Dorfromantik.

In its simplicity, Growth delivers on all promises and offers an enjoyable game. The absence of a custom game mode, which allows for the modification of settings such as the quantity of biomes, starting animals, and number of points of interest, is the sole imperfection.

You can get Growth on GOG and Steam, where you can also play the demo.

Our verdict

We highly appreciate the impeccable execution of Growth and recommend it to those who enjoy a straightforward and serene game that offers a touch of challenge.

  • High replayability
  • Polished graphic
  • No custom mode