Extremely Powerful Capybaras: Review

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Extremely Powerful Capybaras is an auto-shooter roguelite game developed by the independent studio Studio Bravarda, which was established in Lisbon in 2020. This captivating game was officially launched on Steam on December 5th, 2023.

In this thrilling game, players take on the role of a Capybara and must survive through intense waves of enemies. Each arena presents a 15-minute survival challenge, culminating in a final boss battle. The three arenas follow a progressive difficulty curve, providing an opportunity for players to test and enhance their survival skills.

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Upon successfully conquering all three arenas, players can unlock modifiers that amplify the level of challenge by augmenting the health, speed, and strength of the enemies. By activating these modifiers, players not only face greater adversity but also reap greater rewards for their achievements.

Prior to entering the arena, whether in single player or co-operative mode, either online or in local split-screen, we have the option to select our preferred warrior class. There are four fundamental classes and two additional classes that can be unlocked later using in-game coins. Each class possesses distinct stats such as speed, maximum health, and more importantly, a unique weapon and fighting style. For instance, the ninja wields shurikens that orbit around the character.

Furthermore, in Extremely Powerful Capybaras we have the opportunity to acquire new skills during gameplay. Defeated enemies drop experience orbs, and by collecting experience points, we can obtain a new skill by selecting one of the four available options (which are randomly offered each time). These skills come in two types, with the active ones functioning as additional weapons. Once again, each weapon has its own specific type of attack. For example, the lantern enables us to unleash a lethal beam of light in the direction we aim.

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Passive skills, on the other hand, enable us to acquire diverse enhancements such as heightened damage, critical damage, or speed. Initially, we possess a considerable number of skills, but by completing achievements, we can also unlock new ones.

If we already possess one of the four available skills, we have the opportunity to enhance it. Each skill can be upgraded up to level 5, with the upgrades varying depending on the specific skill. For instance, we can reduce the cooldown or increase the range. In Extremely Powerful Capybaras, there is a synergy mechanic: each class possesses a synergy that can be discovered through the combination of the base weapon and a skill. Obtaining this synergy enables us to unleash the maximum power of our primary weapon.

Between runs, we have the option to utilize capy-coins to purchase upgrades. There are two types of coins available: one can be used to enhance skills, while the other can be utilized to improve Capybara classes or acquire new ones.

Extremely Powerful Capybaras is a fun auto-shooter that boasts colorful and polished graphics. The game offers simple controls, allowing players to move and dash to evade enemies.

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However, unfortunately the game has some flaws. In cooperative, characters level up simultaneously and can select skills from a pool of four. The issue arises when one player decides to reroll the cards or skip the selection process, as this choice affects all players. One aspect that left us disappointed is the lack of content. With only three maps available, even though players can replay with different classes and utilize modifiers to increase the difficulty, the overall duration of the game remains relatively short.

Our verdict

Extremely Powerful Capybaras is fun, but has some flaws. It’s too short even with modifiers. Hopefully the developers will add new arenas and content.

  • Good graphic style
  • Different skills
  • Lack of content
  • Tricky level upgrade in co-op