Omega Crafter: craft, Fight and Code

omega crafter beta preview cover

Omega Crafter is a crafting game set in an expansive open world. It is scheduled for release on Steam in March 2024. This unique game takes place within a virtual world that is currently being developed, and our objective is to finalize its development by resolving any existing bugs. As Omega Crafter is still in the development phase, we had the opportunity to take part in the open beta testing.

The game has two main features: crafting and combat. Initially, we need to collect resources and materials to grow our city and create our gear. Moreover, we must confront hostile animals and monsters who will attack us without hesitation.

omega crafter screenshot 2

Omega Crafter stands out from traditional crafting games because it introduces Grammi, robotic helpers that can be coded to automate both resource gathering and crafting. There are two categories of Grammi: city workers who focus on crafting, and our sidekick who accompanies us during exploration and provides support in combat.

The uniqueness of the game lies in the introduction of a block-based coding. To give commands to Grammi, we need to create mini programs that provide instructions to our assistant. To help us understand the basics of coding, we are provided with pre-made templates that allow us to assign tasks to Grammi, such as cutting trees, collecting stones, and mining. We can also create customized programs to assign other tasks based on what we want our assistant to do.

omega crafter screenshot 1

Similarly, we have the option to use templates or develop fresh programs to allocate tasks to the Grammi residing in the town. This approach enables us to automate the gathering of resources and the crafting of items like arrows or food.

To complete the level, we have to defeat the bug that is our final level boss. To defeat it, we have to improve our gear and acquire skills to boost strength, defense, and health.

omega crafter screenshot 3

We are not in a position to evaluate the game at this point. Yet, we found Omega Crafter’s most unique feature, the coding, to be quite satisfying. We anticipate that this feature will evolve to accommodate increasingly specific tasks. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Omega Crafter’s page on Steam and consider adding it to your wishlist.