Hermit and Pig Beta: First Impression

Hermit and pig demo preview cover

We have just tested the closed demo beta of Hermit And Pig. This game is the first project developed by the duo studio, Heavy Lunch Studio. Although there is no release date yet, it is expected to be released on Steam in 2024.

In the game, we play as an old man and his pig who live alone in the woods, spending their days in silence and solitude. Their routine involves finding mushrooms and truffles while avoiding any human contact.

hermit and pig screenshot 2

One day, a little girl appears on our doorstep asking for help. Something strange has happened in her village. All the villagers used to work in the local factory, but suddenly, they were all fired and replaced by new, creepy individuals.

The girl asks us to help her find food in the forest. This reminds us of the story of the legendary mushroom, “The Jumbo Fungo”.

Hermit and Pig arguing with a person

Hermit and Pig: find mushrooms and fight strangers

Hermit and Pig is an adventure game with turn-based combat. We explore the forest, search for mushrooms and truffles, and deal with both humans and wildlife.

The battles with wildlife are based on a combo system. Each combo represents a different type of attack. With the combination of three buttons, we can choose to slap, kick, punch and so on. Each enemy has a unique weakness to specific attacks. When it’s the enemy’s turn, we have to defend ourselves. To achieve better defense, we have to raise our guard at the right timing.

hermit and pig screenshot 1

Every time we defeat an enemy, a funny quote about enemy appears. While we have to physically beat the wildlife, fights with humans are represented by dialogues. So, we have to choose the best answer to avoid damage.

In the limited time given to play the demo beta of Hermit and Pig, we enjoyed the game and found the dialogues amusing. The atmosphere is cozy, and the graphic style is polished and balanced. Despite still being in beta, we only found one minor known bug. This shows the reliability of the game and the developers’ effort to provide a well-optimized game, even in its beta version. We also appreciated the use of real common names for mushrooms.

So, if you like adventure RPGs or enjoy looking for virtual mushrooms, Hermit and Pig should be the game for you. Be sure to check out its Steam page and add it to your wishlist.