Doomsday Paradise, waiting for the end has never been so much fun

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Doomsday Paradise, a dating simulator developed by the independent studio Lemonade Flashbang, offers a unique blend of different genres. Created solely by Shadi Taha, this title made its debut on Steam on November 8, 2023.

Doomsday Paradise is set in Sunset Town, a picturesque beach town that is constantly threatened by recurring apocalypses. Surprisingly, the town’s inhabitants have grown accustomed to these recurring catastrophes of biblical proportions. Rather than being alarmed, they embrace the chaos and organize extravagant parties to coincide with each impending Doomsday.

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As the game unfolds, our protagonist, who has recently relocated to this extraordinary town, will have the opportunity to meet and form connections with twelve intriguing individuals. Alongside navigating the challenges of surviving the impending apocalypses, players will also have the chance to embark on romantic relationships and experience the joys of falling in love.

The end is nigh, let’s party

Prior to the apocalypse, we will decide how to invest our time and whether to spend it improving our skills, wandering around the city or developing our relationship. Each game will always be different because in addition to meeting our future soul mate, we will encounter peculiar characters who will impact on the game outcomes, leading to 120 different endings. Regardless of the apocalypse’s outcome, we can always start a new game and uncover additional information about the citizens of Sunset Town.

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Doomsday Paradise presents a unique dating simulator experience where our objective is not only to win over our beloved, but also to confront menacing creatures that predict the end of the world. The combat in this game is turn-based, featuring a deck building mechanic. Our deck is formed by the items and skills we obtain throughout the game. Every day, we have the opportunity to explore various locations in Sunset Town, each offering a chance to enhance our character’s attributes. For instance, a visit to the cave can boost our intelligence. The statistics of our character will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of battles and will greatly impact the final showdown.

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In Doomsday Paradise, every action we take will carry consequences for the outcome. Specifically, the choices we make during conversations will hold significance and can shape our destiny as well as that of our counterparts. This system of decision-making extends to multiplayer as well, meaning that when playing with friends, each person’s choices will impact others. Moreover, Doomsday Paradise offers the flexibility to enjoy the game either as a single player or with up to four players in both online and local modes.

The matches within Doomsday Paradise are relatively short, and you have the ability to adjust their duration by selecting the desired length in the game settings before commencing. Despite their brevity, these matches offer exceptional replay value as each game is completely distinct from the one before it. Depending on the choices we make and the characters we select, a variety of combinations are activated, unveiling diverse scenarios that ultimately lead to distinct endings.

The dialogues in the game are consistently infused with a touch of irony, which adds to the amusement and enjoyment of the gameplay. Each character, with their unique and entertaining traits, such as Haley’s naivety and Cleo’s criminal determination, contributes to this characteristic and amusing atmosphere.

Our verdict

Doomsday Paradise offers a few hours of enjoyable entertainment, particularly when enjoyed with others, due to its amusing conversations and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Very funny dialogues
  • Inclusive atmosphere
  • Highly Replayable