Steam Next Fest: three co-op games to Play!

Steam next fest 2024 local co-op games

Steam Next Fest is the best moment to test upcoming game demos. So, we asked developers on our Twitter page to share their games. Therefore, we’ve chosen three local co-op games from the list.


We enjoy playing couch co-op party games like Overcooked and Speed Crew (which we recently reviewed), and whenever we have the chance, we try out new ones. This time, we decided to test out Servonauts, a co-op party game developed by the Australian studio MAXART Games that can be played by up to four players.

In this game, we take on the role of employees at a space gas station, where our main task is to refuel customers’ space cars. To succeed, we need to work quickly and efficiently in order to refuel as many cars as possible and keep our CEO satisfied. It’s crucial to avoid making mistakes, as any errors could result in the customers’ cars exploding, which would definitely not make our CEO happy.

In Servonauts, our objective is to connect pipes to different fuel sources and blend them together in order to obtain the correct fuel for each space car. All of these challenges take place in a whimsical and challenging environment, filled with traps that we need to be cautious of in order to survive. Collaboration with our teammates is essential in order to overcome the levels successfully; otherwise, failure is inevitable.

servonauts screenshot

The Amazing Crackpots Club!

The Amazing Crackpots Club! is an action-packed game where wizards engage in duels, using spells to destroy their opponent’s large flask. While it may seem similar to games like Brawlhalla or Smash Bros., The Amazing Crackpots Club! incorporates mechanics reminiscent of Pong, but with multiple balls.

You can enjoy The Amazing Crackpots Club! in single-player mode to uncover the story and meet the characters of the Crackpots Club, or challenge your friends in 1v1 or 2v2 battles.

The Amazing Crackpots club screenshot

During each battle, your goal is to cast spells in an attempt to strike the enemy’s giant flask while safeguarding your own. With the help of platforms and various perks that appear on the stage, you can unleash powerful spells and defend your flask by redirecting the enemy’s spells back to them.

In Story mode, there are also entertaining minigames that serve to enhance the narrative.

Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons

Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons is a classic side-scrolling adventure game. This 8-bit metroidvania game pays homage to a MSX2 masterpiece. Originally developed for MSX2 by Unepic Games, Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons is a sequel to Konami’s The Maze Of Galious. Now, the developers have decided to bring it to PC.

pampas and selene the maze of demons screenshot

In this exciting adventure, we take on the roles of Pampas and Selene, a paladin and a sorcerer, who are on a mission to save Mogdoss Castle from an evil power. Our goal is to explore the vast castle, battle demons and bosses, and seek assistance from Greek gods.

With this PC port, we have the opportunity to play locally or online with friends. We had a great time playing as Pampas and Selene, and we hope the port is successful.

We enjoyed playing these games a lot, and we suggest that you add them to your wishlist.