The Will of Arthur Flabbington: Review

the will of arthur flabbington review cover

The Will of Arthur Flabbington is a point-and-click adventure game developed by solo developer Gugames. The developer has also previously released another point-and-click game called Kill Yourself.

The Will of Arthur Flabbington is a classic point-and-click game where you can interact directly with the elements on the stage. Like old-school adventure games, there are no hotspots to see interactable elements, nor hints to help us solve puzzles.

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We take on the role of Jack Flabbington, who has recently lost his uncle, but the worst part is that he wasn’t included in his uncle’s will. We know that Uncle Flabbington left a treasure to his two old friends. But the friends refuse to take the treasure. So Jack sets out to find it, but first he tries to contact his dead uncle through a medium.

What could go wrong? Everything!

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The spirit we summon is not our Uncle Arthur, but another Arthur, who is now bound to us until we find the treasure. Moreover, Uncle’s two friends hate each other and refuse to cooperate. So we set out to find it without any help, and with a grumpy ghost following us.

Together with Arthur, we will explore the city to find the elements that will lead us to the treasure we seek. To do this, we will possess people, sabotage pizza makers, steal food, get plumbers drunk, and many other inconvenient things.

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During our adventure, we can switch between Jack and Arthur to solve some puzzles. In fact, Arthur can pass through locked doors, possess other people in the late game, and talk to other ghosts.

Even though The Will of Arthur Flabbington takes place in a small town, there are different locations to explore, and the puzzles we find in each place are connected. Each puzzle contributes to the solution of the main quest. Despite the fact that there are so many interconnected puzzles, the game is designed to avoid dead ends. Some puzzles in The Will of Arthur Flabbington are very difficult, but well designed, and there is no moon logic to solve them. It took us about seven hours to complete it.

The Will of Arthur Flabbington is a well-crafted point-and-click game full of ironic dialogue and surreal situations. The story is very funny and full of humour, but you need to stay focused or you will find yourself wandering around a graveyard trying to find a particular tombstone without any idea how to do it.

the will of arthur flabbington screenshot 1

The game has nice old-fashioned graphics, reminiscent of Monkey Island and Days of Tentacle. There is a full English voice-over and The Pizza Lover’s Italian accent is funny. We also love the addition of the Fiat Panda.

Our verdict

We enjoyed The Will of Arthur Flabbington and consider it a masterpiece among point-and-click games. The price is reasonable. We encourage you to play; you will love the game.

  • Brain teasing puzzles
  • Full voice over
  • Epic humorous moments

Pineapple pizza (LOL!)