Steam Next Fest: three point-and-Click Games to Play

Steam Next Fest 2024 3 point and click games

On the occasion of the Steam Next Fest, we decided to give three point-and-click demos a try, and we were particularly impressed by them. The titles in question are Duck Detective: The Secret Salami, Follow the Meaning and The M/S Cornelia II Incident. The only common denominator of these titles is that they are point-and-click, otherwise they are completely different titles in many ways.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is a point-and-click detective game developed by the Happy Broccoli Games studio. Featuring colourful cartoon-style graphics, it puts us in the shoes of a duck detective addicted to bread. The humorous story leads us to solve a mystery related to a bus company.

Duck Detective The Secret Salami screenshot 1

With its light-hearted style and humorous storyline, Duck Detective: The Secret Salami was definitely a lot of fun for us. One of the most interesting aspects is the puzzle-solving mechanic, which involves filling in a text using elements from the environment. This type of gameplay reminds us of The Case of the Golden Idol.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami screenshot 2

Follow the Meaning

Follow the Meaning is an interesting graphic adventure game developed by HiKing Mind Studio and published by Second Maze, a company founded by the developers of Rusty Lake. In Follow the Meaning, detective Paul Trilby will have to deal with a bizarre case involving some experiments carried out in a hospital separated from the rest of the world by a wall.

Follow the Meaning screenshot 1

With every element of the scene hand-painted, Follow the Meaning has a unique graphic style. To find out more about the strange hospital and what is going on, we explore a small town in an archipelago and interact with the locals.

Follow the Meaning screenshot 2

The M/S Cornelia II Incident

Matias Ekebom’s adventure, The M/S Cornelia II Incident, takes us far north to a cold, snowy island. We are a man who has lost his memory. All we have is an almost dead mobile phone and some matches. Our task will be to explore the island, trying to understand who we are, where we are and why.

The MS Cornelia II Incident screenshot 1

The M/S Cornelia II Incident is an old-fashioned graphic adventure that would make you rack your brain for the cryptic nature of some of the puzzles. As we played through the demo, we began to pick up on some of the plot elements that will make the title a very interesting one.

As expected, there were three very different point-and-click games on show that will keep you occupied for several hours. Although the Steam Next Fest has come to an end, you can still download the demos of these three games. Hopefully they will convince you to add these three titles to your wishlist.