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RIPOUT enters Early access

3D Realms and Pet Project Games are excited to announce that RIPOUT, the co-op sci-fi horror FPS, is available in Steam Early Access. Battle against mutant creatures that have been mutated by Cell, a man-made biological weapon that has turned against its creators.

These creatures can modify their bodies in horrifying ways. Utilize your reliable biomechanical Pet Gun to gain an edge over your foes by taking their weapons and exploring randomly generated abandoned spaceships. Collect valuable items, customize your character, and prepare yourself to overcome any lurking threats.

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RIPOUT’s early-access version offers most features, different enemies, and cooperative gameplay. Throughout this period, the game will receive multiple content updates with new features like additional enemies, weapons, missions, and more, based on community feedback.

Key Features:

  • Cooperative PVE Gameplay: Embark on missions and explore derelict ships alone or in small teams.
  • Living Pet Gun: Use the sentient biotech of your trusty Pet Gun against your foes.
  • Weapon Modifications and Character Classes: Customize your weapon and choose character specializations.
  • Endless Action: Explore derelict ships in quick, action-packed missions with procedurally generated level design.
  • Scalable Difficulty: Experience a challenge for teams of all sizes with RIPOUT’s scaling difficulty.

RIPOUT is available in early access on Steam for $24.99, including a 10% launch discount ($22.49).

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