Shattered Lands will be available for early access on Steam

Shattered Lands screenshot

Shattered Lands is a simplified real-time strategy game that allows players to control a hero directly and engage in head-on battles with enemies. The game will be released in Early Access on Steam on November 20, 2023.

In a once magnificent kingdom, harmony and prosperity thrived among its inhabitants. However, this peaceful existence was shattered when a fiery meteor crashed into the heart of Verdantia, transforming the kingdom into a scattered archipelago of fragmented islands.

The King sent his greatest heroes to explore these new islands, only to discover a malevolent force seeking to seize control and bring eternal darkness to the world. In Shattered Lands, players can manage units, buildings, and resources from a top-down perspective in a real-time strategy game.

Additionally, players have the option to take direct control of a hero on the battlefield from a third-person perspective and engage in fast-paced combat against enemies. There are various heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and playstyles. The game aims to provide a more casual and enjoyable combat experience while still incorporating the strategic elements of classic RTS games.

Key Features:

  • Explore and conquer newly formed islands on an expedition.
  • Strategically manage resources and build a settlement for a lasting foothold.
  • Take direct control of your hero in a fast-paced combat system.
  • Level up your hero and gain new talents and abilities during each match.
  • Discover lost treasure and powerful runes to assist in your conquest.
  • Engage in challenging battles against the mysterious Edra or rival kingdoms.
  • Team up with friends in co-op mode against the Edra or in PvP matches (2v2).
  • Share the settlement and resources with your teammate in co-op mode.

The developer has announced upcoming features that include new playable races with unique heroes, additional neutral and Edra enemy types, and a story mode.


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