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Truck Drag Racing Legends is set to launch on PlayStation

Explore the thrilling realm of Truck Drag Racing Legends! Truck Drag Racing Legends is set to launch on PlayStation on January 2nd. As the ultimate road conqueror, you’ll engage in adrenaline-pumping drag races, facing off against tough rivals and pushing your abilities to their maximum potential.

Enhance your powerful truck with jet engines and other upgrades, gaining a tactical edge on the racecourse. The tracks are unforgiving, the competition is intense, and the chance for glory is within your grasp.

Get ready for heart-pounding drag races that will test your skills to the max. Race against fierce opponents in high-speed duels that will leave you craving more. Customize your truck to reflect your style and gain an edge on the competition. Take on relentless bosses and prove yourself as the ultimate drag racing champion. Navigate challenging tracks with unpredictable twists and become a legendary drag racer.

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