ANTRO gets a new teaser

Antro cover

ANTRO, developed by Gatera Studio, is a rhythm platformer set in a postapocalyptic underground city. Recently, a thrilling teaser has been released, showcasing intense action and new gameplay. For the first time, the teaser reveals the third district, which is the closest to the surface and inhabited by the most powerful residents. The release date has not been revealed yet, but you can already add ANTRO to your Steam wishlist.

In this underground city, known as ANTRO, humanity has been forced to reside due to unknown circumstances. The city is divided into different levels, with the lower levels being home to inhabitants who struggle for survival through forced labor. On the other hand, the higher levels are ruled by a totalitarian system controlled by a corporation called La Cúpula.

This regime has suppressed freedom of speech, leading to the censorship of art and music. As you embark on your journey in ANTRO, you will assume the role of Nittch, a nihilistic and solitary delivery person surviving in the lowest level of the city. Your mission is to deliver a package to an unidentified recipient. This task sets in motion a long and arduous journey, capturing the attention of La Cúpula and leading you to join the rebellion of the Discordants. Prepare yourself to resist the oppressive forces of this extraordinary world, as the fate of ANTRO’s revolution rests upon your shoulders.

Key Features:

  • Postapocalyptic setting in an underground city run by a totalitarian government controlled by La Cúpula.
  • Polished 2.5D aesthetics that bring the atmosphere of ANTRO to life.
  • Platforming levels with synchronized music.
  • Levels with puzzles and stealth sections to avoid getting caught.
  • Accurate representation of urban culture, including an original soundtrack with genres like Hip Hop, Drill, R&B, and electronic music.
  • A strong message in defense of art and freedom.


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