Scene Investigators Is Now Available on Steam

Scene investigators screenshot

EQ Studios, the creators of The Painscreek Killings, have just released their latest mystery game, Scene Investigators, on Steam. You can purchase the bundle with Scene Investigators & The Painscreek Killings at a 15% discount on Steam.

This game takes players on immersive investigations through 8.5 unique crime scenes. As aspiring detectives, players must unravel each scenario by carefully examining clues and using logical thinking. Scene Investigators is perfect for fans of detective movies, true crime stories, escape room challenges, and anyone who loves solving cases.

The game focuses on sharp observation and deductive reasoning, challenging players to uncover hidden details, uncover motives, and develop multiple theories to progress in their investigations. While it shares some similarities with The Painscreek Killings, Scene Investigators places more emphasis on deduction rather than narrative depth.

Key Features:

  • Observe and analyze each scene carefully.
  • Take note of anything that stands out and write down suspicions.
  • Use logic and intuition to solve each case.
  • Piece together the puzzle to understand what happened and the connection between perpetrators and victims.
  • Fill in missing gaps, trust gut feelings, and make smart assumptions.
  • While this is a singleplayer game, the deduction gameplay is great for couch co-op gaming or streaming.


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