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Astronimo is set to launch on Steam

Thunderful and Coatsink are excited to announce that their construction platform puzzler, Astronimo, will be leaving Early Access and launching on PC on December 15th. To celebrate the launch, there will be a 20% discount available during the Steam Winter Sale, which will run from December 21st to January 4th.

Join your friends on an interstellar adventure in this creatively-driven game that invites you to explore a vibrant and expansive solar system. Astronimo provides a platform for your imagination to soar, offering unique customization tools that allow you to build and shape your own planets, ships, and characters.

With a campaign lasting over 20 hours and multiple planets to explore, you and your friends will be challenged to use your construction skills to solve dynamic puzzles. However, the game’s elaborate tools go beyond that, giving you the freedom to build anything you can imagine, from impressive spaceships to intricately detailed planets.

As you venture through the vast expanse of the galaxy, you’ll find yourself crash-landed on a small, uncharted planet alongside four employees from Hypergiant Inc. Stranded and separated from your fleet, you must rely on your imagination to solve puzzles in innovative ways, construct rockets to visit other planets, and gather enough antimatter to power a portal that will transport you back home. Play cooperatively with up to three others, either locally or online, and work together to find a way back home.

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