Welcome to ParadiZe cover

Welcome to ParadiZe has been announced for Console and PC

NACON and Eko Software have unveiled a fresh Welcome to ParadiZe gameplay trailer, showcasing its diverse features. This game combines survival, combat, and crafting in a multiplayer open world setting, and is set to be released on February 29, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

In order to thrive in ParadiZe, it is essential to acquire your own zombots. These loyal companions will accompany you on your adventure. These zombots are actually zombies under your control, and their behavior can be customized through an innovative hacking helmet.

Merely having a zombie guard will not suffice in ParadiZe. Equip yourself with weapons, armor, and other items with unexpected functionalities to prepare for your expedition into perilous new environments. Your zombots can also be equipped accordingly to serve your specific needs.

Each environment in ParadiZe is filled with hidden caches, valuable items, and precious materials, all guarded by hordes of zombies and various other adversaries. Defend yourself with a machete or pneumatic rifle as you encounter increasingly peculiar characters. You can choose to assist them, but be cautious, as this decision may either enhance or diminish your own chances of survival.

Utilize your resources, intellect, and the remaining zombots to construct a self-sufficient camp that can sustain itself even in your absence. Strategically place traps and program your zombots wisely, allowing you to embark on your travels without worry.

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