Bahnsen Knights is out now on consoles

Bahnsen Knights cover

As previously mentioned, Bahnsen Knights is launching today on consoles. After its release on Steam last December, the game can now be played on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Bahnsen Knights is the third standalone installment in a visual novel series that draws inspiration from early 20th century pulp fiction and ’80s home computer graphics. The Pixel Pulps series includes Mothmen 1966 and Varney Lake.

In Bahnsen Knights you embark on a journey with Toni, the leader of a cult and a former car salesman, as you unravel the mystery surrounding Boulder’s missing friend and partner, Cupra.

Discover the true nature of these “route exorcisms” that everyone is talking about before Boulder meets a tragic fate. Experience various dark outcomes and delve into a choice-based detective story that explores different aspects of humanity’s capacity for terror.


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