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Bellwright will debut In Steam Early Access

Donkey Crew, developer based in Wroclaw, has partnered with global independent publisher, Snail, Inc., to bring their innovative town building survival game, Bellwright, to Steam Early Access in early 2024.

The game offers a unique blend of survival and town building, set in a richly imagined world ruled by a corrupt monarchy. Players must build, sustain, and defend their town against the elements and adversaries, while also building a rebellion force to take on the crown and its evil queen. Bellwright integrates strategy, resource management, and survival dynamics for an engaging gaming experience.

Originally set for a December 2023 release, the team has decided to extend the development period to early 2024 to ensure the game delivers the ultimate experience to players. The Early Access phase on Steam will be crucial for Bellwright, as it provides an opportunity for players to contribute to the game’s development with their feedback. The game has already garnered significant interest from the Steam Community, with over 100,000 wishlists during Steam Next Fest earlier this year.

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