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Pacific Drive is set to launch on Steam

Ironwood Studios and Kepler Interactive have announced that Pacific Drive, the highly anticipated driving survival adventure game, will be released on February 22, 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

The announcement was made during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted showcase, where a new trailer was debuted. In addition, a Deluxe physical edition of Pacific Drive will be distributed by Maximum Games in the following year.

pacific drive screenshot

Take a journey through the Olympic Exclusion Zone, a once-thriving region now closed off from the outside world and left to the forces of nature and mysterious phenomena. Explore new biomes, chart the Zone, and uncover its hidden history while trying to outrun deadly anomalies.

Drive a uniquely capable station wagon, upgrade your ride with life-saving tools, and survive tense encounters with dangerous hazards. Mysterious voices will reach your car’s radio as you drive deeper into the unknown, leaving you to wonder who or what remains in this desolate place. Will you survive or become another relic in the Zone’s haunting landscape?

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