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Islands of Insight is Coming on February 2024

Behaviour Interactive and Lunarch Studios have announced the release window for their highly anticipated shared-world puzzle game, Islands of Insight. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure in February 2024 when the game launches on PC.

As part of this year’s PC Gaming Show, a thrilling gameplay trailer has been revealed, giving players a sneak peek into the captivating world of Islands of Insight and its incredible features.

Islands of Insight is a mesmerizing puzzle adventure set in a peaceful fantasy realm. Prepare to be enchanted by the ancient wonders and natural beauty of floating islands as you take on the role of a Seeker. Your mission? To discover and solve every puzzle scattered across this breathtaking open world. With countless secrets to uncover and rewards to earn, you can choose to explore this world alone or team up with fellow players to sharpen your puzzle-solving skills.

If you simply can’t wait until February you can get a taste of the magic that awaits in Islands of Insight by playing the free demo, available now on Steam.

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