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Republic Of Pirates is heading to PC

PQube is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new pirate-themed city builder and real-time strategy game, Republic of Pirates, which will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store in 2024!

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy and establish a pirate utopia. Build a thriving economy based on valuable resources, grow your population, engage in intense naval battles, and navigate intricate diplomatic relationships with rival superpowers as you search for wealth and glory.

In this era of the Golden Age of Piracy, daring adventurers seek their fortunes on the open seas, while black-sailed raiders prey on Spanish treasure ships returning from the New World. Opportunistic privateers, empowered by their ‘letters of marque’, profit from war under the patronage of influential figures. At the center of this treacherous world lies the ‘Republic of Pirates’, a formidable alliance of pirate clans united by their shared ambitions and code of honor.

In Republic of Pirates, your mission is to establish a modest outpost on a remote Caribbean island and transform it into a thriving pirate settlement with a self-sustaining economy. Construct production buildings like sugar plantations and rum distilleries to cultivate and refine resources. Distribute goods through a network of couriers, warehouses, and black markets to increase the wealth of your citizens.

Visit the inn to recruit skilled captains and utilize the shipyard to build a formidable fleet before embarking on conquest. Take command of your ships in real-time as you plunder merchant vessels, clash with rival pirate clans, and liberate islands to expand your growing republic. Navigate complex diplomatic relationships with cunning and expand your influence wisely.

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