Crow Country set to launch in 2024

crow country screenshot

SFB Games has recently announced Crow Country, a chilling survival horror game set to release on Steam and PlayStation in 2024. Starting from October 23rd, players can access a demo of the game on both platforms. The free demo invites players to explore and survive the horrors that await in Crow Country.

In the year 1990, Edward Crow, the owner of Crow Country, a small theme park located in the rural outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, mysteriously disappears. The park had been closed for two years, leaving behind an eerie silence.

However, the silence is shattered when a young woman named Mara Forest ventures into the abandoned theme park to search for Edward. Take on the role of Mara Forest as she delves into the darkness of the deserted theme park in search of its reclusive owner.

Along the way, you will encounter a diverse group of characters, immersing yourself in a captivating blend of tension and tranquility. Collect ammo, clues, maps, and other necessary items to solve challenging puzzles that stand between you and the horrifying truth. Engage in mind-bending puzzles to uncover new paths throughout the park, revealing dozens of different areas and hidden secrets to discover.


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