Fusion Paradox launch date revealed

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Indie publisher Sometimes You, together with indie developer, Nikolai Usachev, today announced the soon to be released of top down roguelike action-shooter Fusion Paradox. Sometimes You is the same publisher as Hero Survival, a top-down auto-shooter with Hollywood monster that we reviewed here.

You play as a special agent in Fusion Paradox, responding to a red alert signal at the Agency for Supernatural Threat Reduction. Upon waking up in a secret laboratory, you discover that all the agency’s employees have gone insane and you have been affected by strange energy, causing momentary amnesia and the ability to change your state. Your mission is to overcome obstacles and fight possessed enemies to reach the source of the threat, freeing the agency and preventing the danger from spreading.

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Fusion Paradox includes hidden rooms with puzzles that give extra rewards. Certain characters in the game offer bonuses if the player fails. Additionally, the game has classic roguelike elements like randomly generated levels after the hero’s death, various weapon types, unique skills, and different enemy types.

Fusion Paradox: reach the 5th floor

In the agency building, there are five floors located in different dimensions. Strange events happen here that go beyond normal time and space. If a place is contaminated, supernatural things can happen there even centuries later, as if messing with time.

Scientists and magicians study how these strange zones appear in different historical periods by traveling back in time. To minimize the growth and impact of unknown dangers, the administration chose to move these spaces from their original time periods inside the agency building, dedicating entire floors for them. The main goal of the player is to reach the 5th floor and defeat the final boss!

fusion paradox screenshot 2

During the game, players may find obelisks of power on different floors. These obelisks give permanent bonuses to different attributes, such as extra lives for yellow and blue heroes, faster movement, increased damage, and shorter cooldown time for dashes. These bonuses remain with the player even if their character dies.

After a player’s death, the floors are completely rebuilt with different room placements and sizes. New spells, weapons, and power obelisks are randomly added to the floors. Some enemies are not available during the first playthrough, but gradually appear in subsequent playthroughs to provide new challenges without overwhelming the player.

Fusion Paradox will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch on 1st November 2023.


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