Crystal Comet has been announced

Crystal Comet cover

Crystal Comet is a 2D space shooter game where players control a team of spaceship pilots. The game features AI teammates and local co-op, allowing players to join or leave the game at any time. The action is controlled by level directors, who determine the pace of the game.

You can play as different characters and take different paths through the story. There are also many different endings and a completely random mode that is very unpredictable. The game is designed to be played in short sessions that you can replay over and over again.

In the game’s story, the galaxy is peaceful until the Crystal Comet appears. This powerful object brings corruption and wealth, leading to a war among different species. A group of unlikely allies, made up of the best spaceship pilots, must work together to find the source of the galaxy’s corruption. Can they reach the Crystal Comet in time?

Crystal Comet will be ‘launching’ on Steam on the 02/02/2024.

Key Features:

  • AI teammates and local co-op
  • Multiple routes through the story mode
  • A mode so random that procedural generation would have to play with one eye closed
  • Unlockable power-ups from defeated bosses changing things up for your ‘runs’
  • Multiple endings
  • Unlockable spaceships.


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