Project Downfall – become a freaky John Wick doppelganger

project downfall cover

Project Downfall is an exciting shooter game set in a futuristic world. Players will step into the shoes of Johnny Wick’s “evil-twin” and engage in intense gunfights that require quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

In this world, the European Union has lost power and the world is divided. A new superpower called the Novorussian Federation has emerged, welcoming Eastern European countries into its fold. To showcase the coexistence of different systems, a megacity called Crimson Tide is created.

However, in this city, corporations hold all the power and manipulate the minds of citizens with medication to maintain peace. But this peace doesn’t last long.

Players will assume the role of a privileged corporate employee and middle-class citizen. They have superpowers, upgrades, and medication that allow them to transcend human limitations and become the hero that Crimson Tide needs.

But is the fight really about being a hero?

The storyline of Project Downfall is non-linear and offers 12 different endings based on player choices and other factors. There are also hidden secrets and events that will keep players engaged and searching for more.


  • Retro-style cyberpunk world filled with a variety of enemies
  • An arsenal of weapons to use and throw
  • Dynamic, challenging gameplay
  • Energetic music to accompany bloodshed
  • Non-linear plot that reacts with the players choices and moral decisions
  • A completely redesigned lighting system for Nintendo Switch
  • Aim assist for even tastier critical shots
  • Additional balancing for console players

Project Downfall will be released on the Nintendo Switch this November, while Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S have to wait a few more months. Right now it’s available on Steam.


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