Entropy Survivors Screenshot

Entropy Survivors gets a demo on Steam

Entropy Survivors, the cooperative roguelike bullet hell game that accompanies Moving Pieces Interactive’s Shoulders of Giants, is set to embark on a thrilling spacefaring journey on PC via Steam, and consoles in the upcoming months. Players can already get a taste of the game’s excitement by trying out the demo, which is currently available on PC via Steam.

Harness the power of unconventional weaponry, including blasters, blades, and the unbreakable bond of friendship, to combat the relentless forces of Entropy. Take on the role of both a skilled space frog marksman and a formidable samurai mech equipped with a deadly sword. Navigate treacherous dungeons, unforgiving deserts, and icy worlds, simultaneously controlling Froggie and GERM. Your mission is to eradicate Entropy and save the entire universe from its clutches.

Entropy Survivors Screenshot

Adapt your strategy by seamlessly switching between Froggie’s long-range attacks and GERM’s close-quarters combat to vanquish the onslaught of menacing monsters. As the battle intensifies, unlock increasingly outrageous weapons, abilities, and upgrades for both heroes. Unleash the power of a bee-shooting blaster or unleash a fleet of ultra-destructive garbage trucks to dispose of your enemies.

Unite a reliable team of up to four astronauts and join forces in thrilling online co-op gameplay. Customize Froggie and GERM with game-changing weapon modifications and unique class perks, allowing for endless character and team combinations. If you’re in the mood for competition, challenge your friends to a head-to-head battle for the highest score, strategically collecting vital items and power-ups on the battlefield to gain an edge. After completing a co-op level, release some tension by engaging in friendly combat with your surviving comrades.

Entropy Survivors will make its explosive debut on PC via Steam and consoles later this year, priced at $9.99. The first demo is now available on PC via Steam, allowing players to get a taste of the thrilling action that awaits them.

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