Limited time demo available for Toy Tactics

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The Awakening of the Undead is is the third update to Toy Tatics since the game’s release on early access. This update introduces a new faction called The Draugr. Along with the new faction, there is a new campaign, new units, new relics, new spells, and even a new ship. In this update, players will explore the land of Erebus, a lifeless landscape filled with lava.

Only the Undead can survive in this harsh environment. Additionally, players will now have control over their former enemy, The Skeleton Army. With strategic planning and the new army, players can demonstrate that only the dead are welcome in this land. Furthermore, players will have access to the Necromancer ability. This ability allows corpses to come back to life and join the player’s army. It’s a unique way to defeat enemies by turning them into allies, even if it means killing them first.

Key Features:

  • Physics-based RTS game.
  • Accessible to players of all experience levels.
  • Many unit types with strengths and weaknesses.
  • Magical spells for blowing enemies away.
  • Whimsical destruction system for sending foes flying.

To experience the excitement of this update, players are invited to try the exclusive limited-time demo on Steam. The demo will be available from October 25th at 7:00 AM PT until November 1st, 2023. Actually Toy Tactics is on sale for 25% off.


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