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Racine is now available on Steam

Racine, the autobattler strategy roguelike developed by Dark Root Gardeners, has finally been released on Steam today!

With the praying cards in your hand, you can influence the outcome of the fights. However, you must act quickly as the enemies will attack you in real time, regardless of whether you have played your cards or not.

Take your time to carefully select the cards you will bring on your journey, as the boosts you give to your character will carry on between fights.

Racine Key Features

  • Engage in dynamic real-time combat with increasing intensity. Use your cards swiftly to give your character a chance to survive not only the current fight, but also the upcoming ones. Help your avatar before they are overwhelmed by the relentless attacks of the spirit.
  • Manage your character effectively. Act fast, but not recklessly. The intensity of the fights will continue to rise, so optimize your character’s boosts to increase your chances of success. Consider which stats would be most beneficial to enhance from the beginning, as the boosts persist between encounters.
  • Customize your deck according to your play-style and the upcoming dangers. Choose different types of cards for your journey, as this decision will determine the options available to you during battles.
  • Discover new praying cards by exploring various areas. Find powerful cards hidden in ancient shrines and sacred sites that will aid you on your journey.
  • Uncover the secrets of this world and seek answers to the mystery behind the sudden burst of violence displayed by the spirits. Learn the truth about the roots of the world you traverse.

Check out Racine on Steam.

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